Do you wish to design warm interiors that transmit an atmosphere of realistic living space? Textured wallpapers are hitting the contemporary trend. 

Canvas textured wallpaper can be a terrific choice if you want to add a realistic dimension to your room without using paints. Try a print with texture if you take your textured wallpaper to the next level. You can feel more connected to your everyday space when you reach out and "feel" the wall.

Do you have young kids who draw on walls with pencils or crayons, or do they spill food on walls, and you can't control them? If you have teenage children, it's better to go with traditional wallpaper because they are affordable compared to Peel and stick. But if you have unstoppable young children, you should consider Peel and stick because they are easy to clean.


Mild stains are easy to clean on Traditional wallpaper, whereas tough stains are easy to clean on peel-and-stick wallpaper. At The Inspire Decor, we sell both Peel and stick and Traditional Unpasted wallpaper.

Canvas unpasted wallpaper is affordable and the right choice if you want to give a luxurious look to your wall while saving money. You can call it LUXURY IN BUDGET. Traditional wallpaper is the best option if you want a more durable finish and a more long-lasting design solution. Canvas unpasted wallpapers are specially made for texture lovers.

What Is Canvas Unpasted Wallpaper

The textures on the canvas unpasted wallpapers set them apart from the smooth unpasted wallpapers. A surface on the wallpaper helps clean it quickly without getting any damage since the texture is formed while manufacturing wallpaper material, not with ink, so it lasts longer. 

Canvas unpasted wallpaper is a traditional nonwoven wallpaper made of paper pulp material with no adhesive on the back. You will need glue to hang our unpasted wallpaper on your wall. Even though it can be messy, the pasting technique frequently produces the longest-lasting results. Unpasted wallpaper typically has a thicker backing, which makes the material more durable and less likely to fall. 

Traditional unpasted wallpaper installation is easier than you would imagine! You can install our wallpaper yourself, but if you think it's messy and unsure how to do it, you can consider hiring a professional installer.

Since the adhesive needs to be applied, we recommend using a professional installer. Experienced installers can install the wallpaper using suitable glue, which can keep your wallpaper stuck on the wall for long-term results. 

Also, they know how to handle long prints where you have to apply adhesive by your hand.

Traditional wallpaper is simple to remove, but you may be left behind residue glue, which can be easily cleaned later using appropriate solutions like rubbing alcohol or a mixture of isopropyl and water. Just prime the wall with primer before hanging the traditional wallpaper.

We Offer Two Types Of Traditional Unpasted Wallpaper - Smooth Unpasted And Canvas Unpasted.

Important To Know

  • Our wallpapers are not recommended over textured walls. The walls should be clean, smooth, dust free, and dry before installing the wallpaper. Nailheads, nicks, gouges, and other surface flaws must be filled, sanded smooth, and sealed to guarantee a hassle free installation.

  • Our wallpapers are made up of paper pulp material base. Therefore, they are free of harmful toxic chemicals. They are highly recommended in sensitive environments like nurseries, kid's rooms, schools, hospitals, and hotels. It is made of 90% post-consumer trash and 10% paper fiber. You can try to tear it, but it won't tear easily, and it is made of fiber and is much stronger than regular paper.

  • Our smooth unpasted wallpaper can be used in any house room, but not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms. If you want wallpaper in your bathroom, we recommend you use our peel-and-stick wallpapers, which are the best for moist spaces.

  • After installation, unpasted wallpapers cannot be repositioned since the glue won't reactivate.

Top 5 Benefits Of Unpasted Wallpaper

  • Durability

They are very durable and have a long life compared to other wallpapers. Depending on children, dogs, and traffic, paint frequently needs to be touched up or redone every two to five years. Wallpaper lasts ten to fifteen years longer than painting an interior space.

  • Eco-Friendly Solution

Our traditional unpasted paper is the greenest option because it contains no PVC or other chemicals.

  • Budget Friendly

Our traditional wallpapers are more affordable than peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can save a reasonable amount which makes it a great budget-friendly option. 

  • Easy To Remove 

Our Unpasted wallpapers are removable without causing any damage to your walls. Use hot water and a wallpaper stripper following the manufacturer's directions to remove the wallpaper. Apply the solution to the wall's three feet by three feet area by pouring it into a spray bottle. Before removing the wallpaper, let the solvent absorb for a few minutes.

  • Easy To Clean

It's straightforward to clean the unpasted wallpaper if there is dust or mild to moderate stains with a damp cloth. 

Tools Required

These are the needed tools when installing traditional unpasted wallpaper.

  • Adhesive Paste
  • Paste Brush/ Roller
  • Carpenter's Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Sharp Scissors

How To Install A Traditional Unpasted Wallpaper

Clean the wall

  • The walls should be thoroughly cleaned and then lightly sanded to remove any abrasions. Fill up any wall holes. You can prime the wall if required, as it helps the wallpaper stick properly and makes it easier to remove the wallpaper in the future.

  • For best results, remove the residual wall covering adhesive. Use a good primer to seal the satins.

Measure The Wall

  • From ceiling to floor, calculate the wall's length. We make your installation process much simpler by providing you with the wallpaper as per the wall size, so you don't have to spend time cutting.

  • When you apply the wallpaper, the top and bottom of the panel should protrude from the wall by roughly 2 inches.

Carefully Apply The Paste

  • Spread out the first strip of the smooth unpasted wallpaper face down on a 6-foot-long work table. What if you need a six ft-long table? Tell them to keep it on the floor and spread a generous layer of paste around the borders of the paper using a 3/8-inch-nap paint roller.

  • The technique of "booking" involves gently folding both sides of the strip to meet in the middle, giving the glue time to set. Be cautious not to crease the paper during this procedure. Please wait at least 10 mins before applying it to the wall.

Install The Wallpaper

  • Press out any air bubbles and extra paste using a wallpaper brush and plastic smoother. Your wallpaper panel will be entirely smoothed out after a few minutes. Use a metal edger to press the paper into the wall's edge and trim off any excess paper using a utility knife.

  • After the wallpaper is installed, the paste must dry for 24 hours. For more information, refer to the installation guideline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Traditional Unpasted Wallpaper Easy To Clean?

Ans: Yes! They are easy to clean with a damp cloth, and you can remove mild stains from your wallpaper.

Q: What Kind Of Adhesive To Use for Sticking The Wallpaper?

Ans: Use clear adhesives such as professional ultra premium heavy duty clear strippable(pr0-880), golden harvest GH-34 clear strippable, and all pro-duty 3400. 

Clay adhesives have also been effective (pr0-732, pr0-774, golden harvest GH-40, all pro extra strength vinyl 600 & 661). 

For more permanent wallcoverings, use professional heavy-duty clear pr0-838 or all pro clear hang 610. Apply a coat of the desired adhesive using a 1/2" nap paint roller and book for 10 minutes before hanging.

Q: Which Ink Is Used To Print The Wallpaper?

Ans: We use HP Latex Inks to print our Odorless, BERTL, UL GREENGUARD, and ECOLOGO-certified wallpapers. Our HP latex inks print wallpapers are environmentally clean, safe for end users, extremely durable, and completely odorless. The inks do not contain hazardous solvents that are used in cheaper technologies.

Q: Is Your Traditional Unpasted Wallpaper Fire Retardant?

Ans: Yes! Our wallpaper is fire-retardant.

Q: Are Your Wallpapers UV- Resistant?

Ans: Our unpasted wallpaper is UV resistant and gives you a long-lasting print.

Q: Does Unpasted Wallpapers Damage The Wall?

Ans: To be very precise, it all depends upon the adhesive you apply. If you are using any hard or heavy-duty glue, then it might damage your wall. Please check the instructions given by the adhesive manufacturer before applying it to your wallpaper. 

Q: Are Unpasted Wallpapers Toxic-Free?

Ans: Yes, our wallpapers are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals, making them a safe choice if you have babies at home.

Q: What Material Is Smooth Unpasted Wallpaper?

Ans: Our wallpaper is made of paper pulp material which has a matte finish.

The Bottom- Line

The addition of wallpaper can completely transform any space. It can change the appearance and atmosphere of a room by bringing pattern, color, and texture to walls in a way that paints simply cannot. Also, keep the size of the area manageable because wallpaper ideas aren't just for big, open rooms.

Our traditional nonwoven unpasted wallpapers are a wise investment as nothing distinguishes and personalizes a space like wallpaper. Thus it stands out. Our wallpaper is affordable, paper-based, medium textured, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and durable- what more can you ask for?