Traditional wallpaper hanging might be a hassle, but removable peel-and-stick wallpaper will make your life much easier. Though there is little concern that you will err, knowing what you are getting into is vital before you begin.

It is NOT advisable to apply removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to damaged, textured, or freshly painted walls. Everything seems to be in place once the wallpaper has been mounted on these walls. 

They appear to be attached for a few days or even weeks. Slowly they start bubbling up and eventually collapse abruptly flaking off from the wall. A bed or crib in the path of falling wallpaper poses a suffocation risk to babies.

The materials used to manufacture our high-quality peel-and-stick wallpaper are water, cellulose fiber, resins, and adhesives. These materials are safe for children and will not cause any harm if they come into contact with it. Peel-and-stick wall paper doesn't irritate the baby's skin.

Our self-stick wallpapers are free of lead, VOCs, PVC, and other toxic chemicals that could degrade the quality of the indoor atmosphere in your house.

Smooth or canvas wallpapers are used only for dry application. To position, the graphic, avoid using either water and detergent or a commercial application fluid.

Canvas Removable Peel And Stick Wallpaper: Know All About It

There is nothing more creative and visually appealing than our canvas removable peel and stick wallpaper because they are easy to apply and looks absolutely gorgeous and it fits in any interior design!

The canvas removable peel and stick wallpapers are the hot trending decor choice made for texture lovers. It’s an excellent interior designing option for your boring dull walls available to renters, interior designers, DIY creators, and small-scale business owners having boutiques, beauty parlors, kid's nurseries, restaurants, and more.

Get the choice to design your walls by using our easy to install wallpapers which can also be removed whenever you choose. You can save your time, money, and the hassle of hiring a professional installer.

What Is a Canvas Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

The digital textures on the canvas peel and stick wallpapers set them apart from the smooth peel and stick wallpapers.

Our canvas wallpapers are flexibly textured high-performance vinyl face film designed for wall application. They are safe to use in sensitive environments like nurseries, kid's rooms, schools, hospitals & hotels.

Removable canvas wallpapers are suitable for most smooth walls – tested and recommended
for use over many kinds of paints including high gloss, semi-gloss, and satin paints. They are also non-toxic and safe if you have babies at your home. And our wallpapers are UV-Resistant, so it has a long-lasting print.

Not all removable wallpapers are tailored to our technological formulation. 

The peel and stick removable wallpapers from The Inspire Decor are environmentally friendly and made using high-quality materials specifically manufactured with clear removable acrylic adhesive on the back to make them stable and easy to remove when installed on clean, dry, and smooth walls.

It's also important to note that just because peel and stick wallpaper is easy to remove without damaging the wall it might fall shortly. We will not let you down, the wallpaper will remain on your walls if you choose to have it.

Our removable wallpapers are of two types: Canvas Peel And Stick and Smooth Peel And Stick

Why Choose Our Canvas Peel And Stick Wallpaper?

  • No Glue No Mess! Our canvas peel and stick wallpaper come with a technically active clear acrylic adhesive that clings to the wall perfectly yet can be removed without damaging the paint or the wall.
  • Our adhesive technology is advantageous because if you make a mistake during installation, you can just pull it out and reinstall it. Also, the adhesive provides opacity to cover whatever is underneath the wall for better coverage.
  • Our canvas removable peel and stick wallpapers are water -resistant ans washable. All you need is a damp cloth to clean it.

Top 6 Benefits ofUsing Peel and Stick Wallpapers?

The popularity of wallpaper is growing. With so many wonderful and unique design options available with us, you might be thinking about this design for your space.

We have come up with the top five reasons to use removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to update your home.

  • Are you an renter?: Without having to worry about damage to the walls, you can use peel and stick wallpapers.
  • Easy DIY: If you're someone who frequently tinkers with various home décor trends. The installation procedure of removable peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy and much quicker than traditional wallpaper where you need a professional installer.
  • Best for Bathrooms: Our removable wallpapers are best for moist spaces like bathrooms whereas traditional wallpapers cannot be installed because the paper gets wet and deformed.
  • Easy to Clean: Our wallpapers are resistant to most mild acids, alkalis, and salt solutions. Further, cleaning the wallpaper is super easy as our wallpapers are washable, all you need is a damp cloth.
  • Removable wallpapers are not just form walls!: You can repurpose old furniture, such as wardrobes, tables, drawers, shelf liners, refrigerators, bookshelves, doors, and windows.
  • Worried about damage/sticky on walls: Our Peel and stick removable wallpaper inspire you to take a bolder and more adventurous approach to decorating your wall more often as our wallpapers are very easy to remove without damaging your wall or leaving any sticky residues behind.

Important To Know

  • There are three kinds of walls - Smooth finish walls, Mild or heavy texture walls, and walls with damage. Removable wallpaper is perfect for smooth finish walls but they are not recommended on textured walls or damaged walls having cracks, grooves, wrinkles, and bumps.
  • Usually, traditional, or paper-based material wallpapers are not durable in moist places like bathrooms but The Inspire Decor removable peel and stick wallpapers are a boon to bathroom walls prone to splash and splatter. Our wallpaper withstands moisture and provides a lasting solution to your bathroom walls. The vinyl and PVC materials used make the wallpaper resistant to moist places compared to the paper pulp material used traditionally.
  • Our smooth peel and stick wallpapers are digitally printed with HP Latex Inks which are Odorless, BERTL, UL GREENGUARD, and ECOLOGO certified. They are safe to use in sensitive environments like nurseries, kid's rooms, schools, hospitals & hotels.
  • We recommend dry application only. Do not use water and detergent or a commercial application fluid to position the graphic.

How To Apply Peel and Stick Wallpapers?

1. Clean And Prepare The Wall

Make sure the wall is cleaned with a damp cloth or painted if required. For best results leave the wall to dry for to 4 weeks before installing the wallpaper.

2. Have Appropriate Tools

Keep ready all the necessary tools required near you before you start the work.

3. Measure And Sort The Wall

Make proper guidelines to have accurate measurements. To determine the wallpaper's width, use a steel ruler.

4. Follow The Guidelines

Now install your peel and stick wallpaper gradually. Always try to have enough wallpapers with you.

Tools Required

These are the only tools required to make your wallpaper installation process easier and faster.

  • Measurement Tape
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Isopropyl alcohol and water
  • Level
  • Pencil And Steel Ruler
  • Utility Knife
  • Ladder

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does peel-and-stick wallpaper last?

Peel-and-stick wallpaper lasts as long as you decide to keep it on your wall but make sure your walls are clean, smooth, and have the right paint finish before installation. The wallpaper might peel off if not installed as per guidelines.

2. Is peel-and-stick wallpaper removable?

Peel-and-stick removable wallpaper is significantly easier to take down than regular wallpaper without damaging your wall or paint. That’s why is popular among renters.

3. Does peel-and-stick wallpaper cause damage to walls?

If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, removable wallpaper will not damage your surfaces. They are safe for renters as they don’t take off the paint from your walls.

4. Is Peel and Stick Wallpaper Easy to Clean?

Yes! The removable peel and stick wallpaper are moisture-resistant and easily washable. All you need is a wet cloth or sponge to wipe it clean. 

5. Is Peel and Stick Wallpaper Renter Friendly?

Yes! Smooth Peel and Stick wallpapers are renter-friendly, as they won’t damage the paints and it's quick to install. We
provide the best removable wallpaper for renters.

6. Can Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper Be Used in A Bathroom?

Yes! Our removable wallpapers are made of Vinyl material making them an excellent choice for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms.

7. How To Install a Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

Make sure the wall is dry and clean if not clean it with 1:1 water and isopropyl solution. Let the wall dry for 24 hrs to 48 hrs completely before you start the installation process.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools mentioned above and follow proper guidelines before you start. Now install by lining the wallpaper straight, and then work your way down before removing the remaining backing. Avoid pulling the entire wallpaper backing paper at once, do it gradually.

So, you can avoid the wallpaper sticking to itself and get a visual treat on your walls after completing the installation
gradually with little patience. Don’t forget to read this instruction before moving ahead.

8. How To Remove a Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

Peeling a tiny section of wallpaper with a utility knife will allow you to check for paint lining before proceeding to remove it. Pull the wallpaper slowly and at a 45-degree angle away from the wall starting in the corner.

The Inspire Decor Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to remove without causing damage to the wall.

9. Is Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper Scuff-resistant?

Yes! Our peel and stick wallpapers are scuff-resistant with high scratch tolerance which increases the durability and
the life of the product.

The Bottom Line

Seamless art makes our wallpaper versatile, with a design that suits every place like the kitchen, bedroom, office, restaurant, or bathroom. An effortless, hassle-free method to make your walls pop is with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Digital printing makes it possible to print almost any pattern on removable wallpaper, which is fantastic for themed parties and shop locations as well as movie sets. Are you prepared to add yet another DIY project to your list?